The Playbook will improve how the Maryland Department of Transportation moves goods, provide services, and connects people to the places where they live, work, and play.


Table of Contents


Coach’s Corner

An introduction to the Playbook.


Scouting Report

Analysis of the transportation system’s existing conditions, trends, revenues, and needs.

The Governor’s Game Plan

– Wes Moore

Our administration wants to transform the State’s transportation system and provide accessible, equitable, and sustainable options to Marylanders across the State. Maryland’s communities are expanding, jobs are growing, and we need to make sure that everyone throughout Maryland can get from where they live to where opportunity lies. Building a transportation system that meets the needs of all Marylanders is a core priority for our administration, and that’s why MDOT is creating a long-term transportation plan to serve the State for generations to come. Whether you drive, take the bus, ride the train, bike, stroll or walk, you are a key member of the team, and this Playbook lays the groundwork for strategic moves and effective results, ensuring that transportation infrastructure investments connect all Marylanders to life’s opportunities and that no one is left behind.

The Transportation Secretary’s Strategy

Paul Wiedefeld

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) is an agency that works in partnership with the communities it serves and promotes social equity, environmental protection, and sustainable communities. The facilities and services that MDOT provides are central to the quality of life of every Marylander by providing critical access to day-to-day mobility needs, such as employment, health care, and leisure activities. Simply put, MDOT is a multimodal agency Taking You Places. Maryland is a place to ride, walk, bike, drive, fly, and cruise. It is a place to do business. Maryland is a place to work where you can make a difference. MDOT connects people to communities. MDOT is focused squarely on enhancing safety for all users. MDOT is committed to looking at everything it does through an equity lens so that MDOT can take transportation to a different place, support larger societal goals, and really listen to ALL of its customers — internal and external — because together we can help ensure we support Governor Moore’s vision of a bolder, brighter future where no one is left behind. Thanks to this vision and months of extensive engagement with our customers and stakeholders, I am pleased to present MDOT’s Playbook. The Playbook is the Department’s plan to guide us in making strategic transportation investments to better serve all Marylanders. We appreciate your continued support and contributions that made this Playbook possible.

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