Implementing the Plan

In addition to the strategies MDOT will implement toward the Playbook goals, MDOT is committed to funding and completing key multimodal transportation projects across Maryland. These projects represent priority projects that MDOT and its modal administrations have identified as critical to the implementation of the Playbook in order to transform transportation in Maryland. The selection of these key projects is informed by public and stakeholder input gathered throughout the Playbook planning process.


Implementing the Plan

Turning Strategies into Actions

MDOT continues to make bold calls and strategic moves by implementing safety improvements, promoting environmental stewardship, and advancing alternative transportation options.

MDOT has taken action and put into play the Red Line study, the Purple Line transitway, and improvements to I-270 to name a few. As revenues grow, MDOT wants to implement the Game Changer projects and advance the policies and programs outlined in the strategies of the MTP in order to achieve effective results throughout the transportation system.

The goals and anticipated results identified in this plan are the long-term visionary outcomes for the future. MDOT will implement the strategies identified in The Playbook over the next five years in order to:

  • enhance the safety and security of transportation system users,
  • deliver a reliable and high-quality multimodal transportation system,
  • serve our diverse communities and businesses with expanded and improved transportation options, and
  • address the environmental impacts of transportation across the State.

MDOT will work across the Department to ensure strategies turn into strategic actions and advance into implementation. MDOT will continue to adjust its project selection and programming through development of the six-year fiscally constrained capital program, the Consolidated Transportation Plan, utilizing the data and measures tracked through the annual transportation system performance review, the Annual Attainment Report, to inform agencywide decision making. This implementation process will align future plans and investments across all MDOT modes with the clear goals set forward in the MTP.

Together MDOT can reach those goals and uphold its mission to be a customer-driven leader that delivers safe, sustainable, intelligent, exceptional, and inclusive transportation solutions in order to connect customers to life’s opportunities and leave no one behind.

Notable Plays by MDOT Team Members

  • In February 2022, MPA was awarded $1.8 million grant from the U.S. EPA Port’s Diesel Equipment Upgrade Program to help MPA further reduce diesel emissions.
  • MDOT is implementing asset criticality frameworks and scoring processes to ensure a risk-based approach to directing funding for the most critical highway asset management needs.
  • The Baltimore Red Line project, relaunched by Governor Wes Moore in June 2023, will significantly enhance east-west connectivity across the Baltimore region.
  • Since 2021, MDOT has won over $340 million in competitive federal grants to improve multimodal transportation for both people and freight.

A Few Game Changing Projects

Key Multimodal Transportation Projects

Note: The map above represents a snapshot of the key projects supported by the Playbook goals and objectives. It does not represent all major MDOT projects.

Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP)

The Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) is Maryland’s six-year capital budget for transportation projects.

Team Record and Player Stats

Team successes are determined by a win-loss record and players performances are evaluated by multiple stats that indicate their effectiveness. Similarly, MDOT has established performance targets to measure its effectiveness in achieving its goals and objectives. This includes metrics focused on safety, conditions of highway infrastructure and transit assets, and travel time reliability. You can learn more about these targets and how MDOT is performing in the System Performance Report and Attainment Report available in the Appendix of the MTP.

With the Playbook, Maryland Wins!

Attainment Report

As part of Transportation Performance Management, state DOTs are required to establish performance targets for national performance measures related to safety, infrastructure condition, and system performance. Performance measures, which are aligned with the Playbook strategic direction, were developed by the ARAC and are outlined in the Annual Attainment Report on Transportation System Performance (Appendix B). We are grateful for all of the time and energy that the ARAC members put into developing thoughtful performance measures.

The Attainment Report provides information about the federal targets and identifies how this plan will help achieve those goals. The Attainment Report will be used to track progress toward the Playbook goals and evaluate the success of its implementation. MDOT utilizes these measures to guide investment decisions for the Consolidated Transportation Program and reevaluates performance in each cycle of the MTP development.

System Performance Report 

State long-range transportation plans are required to include a System Performance Report and subsequent updates evaluating the condition and performance of the transportation system with respect to the performance targets described in §450.206(c), including progress achieved by the MPO(s) in meeting the performance targets in comparison with system performance recorded in previous reports.” (23 CFR §450.216(f)). Furthermore, 23 CFR §450.206(c)(4) requires integration of transit asset management performance measures and targets as required by Title 49 CFR, Chapter 53, Public Transportation.

Appendix A: System Performance Report, focuses on national performance program measures, reflecting current conditions and targets for the respective performance period.

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